Retirement Plans

401k – This investment is qualified to be placed into a self-directed 401K. It will soon have a q-sip, and can be traded through an exchange and electronically purchased.  Retirement Rescue Advisors, LLC can manage your 401k.

IRA – This investment is qualified to be bought and held in a Self-Directed IRA.

Defined Benefit – This investment is qualified to be placed into Defined Benefit plans.  It is especially well suited for DB plans as it provides a consistent income annually which the plan is designed to have.

We are set up to introduce you and your officers to this opportunity (Add a Defined Benefit plan to you currant plan) to put up to $250,000 per year into your retirement plan. We can meet with your CFO and provide you with a census to review qualifications in regards to contributions to the plan.

Cash – This investment is also qualified to be purchased with a cash investment. 

Please call today and let us provide you with an analysis of your goals at no cost to you.