​Retirement Living

Wealth Accumulation Resources, LLC is offering an alternative investment.

The products that we have today feature:

  • Annual Return, Paid Monthly
  • Four and Five Year Terms
  • Above-Average Returns
  • Above-Average Safety
  • Return of Principal

Most states require that businesses buy worker compensation insurance for their employees. The state then has a legislative commitment to pay the claims that arise from employees who are hurt on the job. Our investors place their money into a third party trust account that buys – at a discount – worker-compensation claims from participating physicians. We then collect these receivables and use the profits to distribute to investors.

Here is what a prominent investment club has to say:


Alternative Ways to Pay for Senior Housing, and Assisted Living Costs 

If you are a senior or child of a senior desiring to move yourself or your loved one into a Senior Retirement Community, or Assisted Living Facility, the costs could deplete your entire life savings! There are alternative ways to help preserve your retirement principal or at least a plan to help you stretch your retirement dollars. 

The average monthly cost to move into a Senior Retirement Community with assisted living or nursing care can cost from $2,750 per month to as high as $5,000 per month. This is a whopping $33,000 to $60,000 per year. Most social security income is between $1,200 and $1,500 per month. That leaves a deficit of $18,600 to $42,000 per year. Based on the average life expectancy of a 65 year old male to 75 that can cost from $186,000 to $420,000 out of your retirement savings. If you are a female, or if Mom lives longer (and the life expectancy of a woman is 80 years of age) that will deplete another $93,000 up to $210,000 from Retirement Savings. Now we are talking about a possible combined loss of retirement savings of from $279,000 up to $630,000. 

The two biggest questions that come up at this stage of your life are: 

Will I or my spouse out live our money? 

Will we deplete all our inheritance to our children? 

These estimated costs/losses in Retirement Savings are just for Senior Housing, and does not include medical costs and deductibles, daily living expenses such as haircuts, petcare, vacation travel, golf or country club fees, couples night out, tithes, gifts for children’s and grandchildren’s birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc. 

Wealth Accumulated Resources 5 year, 7.5% APR income stream opportunity. 

Hypothetically, if you could put: 

$250,000 with Wealth Accumulations Resources, LLC, it is estimated you would receive $1,562.50 in monthly income. $500,000 with Wealth Accumulations Resources, LLC, it is estimated you would receive $3,125.00 in monthly income. $1,000,000 with Wealth Accumulations Resources, LLC, it is estimated you would receive $6,250.00 in monthly income. This would be in addition to, or supplement your Social Security income. At the end of the term, 100% of the original investment will be returned to you. 

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