About Us

Retirement Rescue Advisors, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory firm (CRD# 173853) that specializes in cash flow products, and is committed to bringing to the market investments that are primarily used in the retirement market. These investment products are not in the securities market and are not subjected to the roller coaster ride that Wall-street can cause. These investments are designed to give you a monthly income for so many months, and then return your complete original investment. Every investment has a down side risk. We strive to minimize that risk as much as possible.

We know that having a fixed monthly return gives the consumer piece of mind and allows them (or their family) to plan their future. Many people use these investments to subsidize their stay in a retirement village, while all the time preserving their estate for their heirs.

These investments are not insurance products and are not sold through any security house or insurance company.

The details about this investment are available on this site, and may be suitable for:

  • Individuals – People interested in above average returns with income each month
  • Institutional Investors – Above average safety, above average returns
  • Non-Profits – Major donors can put money in this investment and give away the returns for a tax deduction